RCBS MatchMaster Antistatic Inserts


RCBS MatchMaster Antistatic Inserts

New “Gen 2 Design”.  “Oversert” rather than insert improves charge speed, while still increasing throw accuracy!

6 “Overserts” are sent with this RCBS MatchMaster Antistatic Interts, 3 individual sizes for each powder drop tube.  Due to the close proximity of the two powder tubes, you will only be able to use one at a time.  Beta testers preferred one or the other depending on what powder they ran, try both out and determine what works best for your needs! The MK Machining RCBS MatchMaster Inserts are a simple way to improve the accuracy of your MatchMaster.  The stock powder dispensing tube on the MatchMaster can be inaccurate which can lead to overcharges.  The RCBS MatchMaster Antistatic Insert is made via additive manufacturing from a our MJF 5200 machine with PA11 material for an exceptional surface finish and durable part.  Our improved straw is a press fit onto the stock powder tube, so there is no worry about it removing after repeated use. Our Improved Chargemaster Inserts include several different sizes to ensure that correct fit while accounting for slight variation in the stock powder tube size.  Our improved insert is designed to work perfectly with our improved antistatic chargemaster pan, which can be found here. We are confident you’ll be very impressed by the quality of these prints, they look nearly molded!  This improved straw with be a significant upgrade to the stock MatchMaster and won’t break the bank and fit directly onto the platform of your Chargemaster.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in


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