100 Round Modular Reloading Tray Package (Includes 2 Tops and 100rd Bottom)


We have combined waterjetting and lasering to create a unique and premium reloading tray.  Interchangeable tops and an open-sided design prevent powder from being trapped in bore holes, and multiple tops allow for a more economical setup vs multiple one-piece trays.

6061 Aluminum bottom plate and spacers, hardcoat anodized for scratch resistance and surface durability, and also provides added “heft” for a tray that stays where you put it!

Laser cut and engraved acrylic cartridge plate for a truly top notch reloading tray at a reasonable cost.  If you’re looking for a loading block that’s made with as much precision as your ammunition, look no further. Select two 50 round tray tops and one 100 round tray bottom to create a complete modular reloading tray package.


Includes  Two Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Top and One Aluminum 100rd Bottom


*Please Note: Please be careful when assembling the tray. MK Machining is not responsible for damage to the tops from cross threading the bolts


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