Pro Series Improved RCBS Chargemaster Pan

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Pro Series Improved RCBS Chargemaster Pan

 The MK Machining Pro Series Improved RCBS Chargemaster Pan is a simple, improved powder pan for your Chargemaster.  Made via additive manufacturing on our MJF 5200 machine from PA11 for an exceptional surface finish and durable part.  Our improved pan features a symmetrical design and  pouring spouts on either side for  consistent left or right handed pouring. Print seam has been designed for no impact powder flow regardless of right or left-handed pour. Our improved pan has been designed to increase powder capacity over the stock powder pan for those large loads. Maximized vertical height of walls allows for increased powder capacity and reduces the chance of powder out, with no powder tube interference. We are confident you’ll be very impressed by the quality of these prints, they look nearly molded!  These pans won’t break the bank and fit directly onto the platform of your Chargemaster.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × .5 × 1 in

7 reviews for Pro Series Improved RCBS Chargemaster Pan

  1. Ryan M (verified owner)

    Vastly superior powder pan than the dinky one provided by RCBS. Large Handle and dual spout make it easy to charge cases!

  2. Ryan G (verified owner)

    Used it twice so far but have had no issues. I really like my three MK products that I purchased and used, especially this one. I’d recommend buying this product.

  3. Bigred (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these pans! One for my RCBS charge master and one for my RCBS charge master lite! Works great with either unit! Would highly recommend this pan for any reloading machine! Love mine

  4. Agent Clark (verified owner)

    Works great, smooth and light, no static. I’m running two, now.

  5. Robert G (verified owner)

    Item does work well, no static, easy to use. Powder seems to flow nice and easy, no hang ups. I like it better than the RCBS pan. My one comment would be that the pan sides are just a little too high. I find that walls of the pan often hit the chargemaster drop tube and some powder drops when it’s not supposed to. It might be me as my coordination has slipped as I get older. I’m 77 and still somewhat competitive in F Open. I would suggest an additional smaller pan in addition to this, a pan more adapted for small powder charges. I throw 37 to 38 gr of powder. Would I buy another if I lost this, you bet. Also, I really like the antistatic inserts I added to my Chargemaster. Reduced powder charge time a whole bunch. For me the process is technique sensitive and my performance improves w practive. I also love my MK throw lever. I just started using the lever on my Savage 12/Sightron F open 6.5. It sure helps during that pesky time when the RO calls ‘shooters, you’re 3 minute prep time begins now’. Any help then makes for a better shoot. I hope these guys stay around the shooting world a loooong time.

  6. Brad (verified owner)

    Ordered this in the new Pro series to use on my FA Intellidropper and love it! With the high sides no more powder bouncing out of the dinky metal pans that come with em. Love the longer handle too. The print is flawless and excellent craftsmanship. Got a parallax wheel in the pro series at the same time and again flawless work. Love MK’s products, they take pride in what they do and it shows!!!

  7. Myron Allrich (verified owner)

    Not impressed. I have to knock the pan on the the funnel to get all the powder out. Powder clinks to the pan, I have tried different powders. Black pan also makes it hard to see the powder.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Myron,

      The black is an artifact of the antistatic additive in the material. Not sure why you are having cling, we sell hundreds of these a month with great results. More than happy to send another, we use them personally as well!

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