Gen II Brass Marker


Gen II Brass Marker

The Gen II Brass Marker allows for multiple case marking options, along with modular features in a very economical package.
With the new “tracked” design, you can mark the case head, extractor groove, or case body depending on where you place your Medium Sharpie.  Custom thumbscrews included for each marker bore!
Simply slide the brass in from the front of the assembly, and out the side to mark your case head.  To stripe the extractor groove or case body simply slide your case to the back of the device and spin your brass around, then out the marker. Modular inserts snap into place and remove in seconds to allow marking of different brass caseheads.  Currently supported are Small (223), Standard (308), Magnum, and Lapua (338) Magnum sizes.
Proudly 3D Printed on our MJF 5200 machine from PA11 material for a surface finish giving up nothing to injection molding, and allow for very unique geometries not possible with any other manufacturing method!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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