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The desire to be in the out-of-doors, realizing our part in nature, is the main reason for going hunting. This desire, however, also means meeting the wilderness and the elements up-close. In the cold, in the heat and in rough terrain. This is the only way to truly encounter nature at full face value. For this, gear that can master these tough conditions are essential. Gear that can be relied on in every situation that nature challenges us with. Precisely matched to every individual’s needs, it must face the wilderness up-close and effortlessly deliver peak performance in even the most demanding conditions. The ZEISS Optics brand stands for these essential qualities

Individual realized experiences made by every hunter, while afield, are as varied as their demands on their riflescope. Knowing this enables ZEISS Optics design engineers to develop the perfect riflescopes to meet each hunter’s unique needs. Riflescope designs must take into account the requirements of different types of hunting, terrain, rifles, and personal needs. Considerations are made in regards to weight, magnification, field of view, and handling, as well as the brightness and clarity of the image at distance. ZEISS delivers the ideal riflescopes for hunting.

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