Utility Compact Grip Gen 2 (ULCG Gen 2)


  • Proven low profile, low drag design
  • Reduced grip angle (10.4 °) for improved ergonomics – promotion of a more natural wrist position + sustainable grip for long term operator comfort
  • Storage capabilities via included floorplate

Utility Compact Grip Gen 2 (ULCG Gen 2)

The Utility Compact Grip Gen 2 (ULCG Gen 2) features the low drag, compact profile maintains the same width, front-strap + back-strap geometry, and forward anti slip ledge of the original ULCG, but now features increased surface area and an optimized contact patch for the lower rear of your palm, increasing leverage and improving long term operating comfort.

The geometry change on the bottom also allowed for a fresh take on our integrated storage system. The included floorplate is now far easier to utilize, especially with gloves, all without sacrificing any security.

The final external optimizations come by way of the two texture options, originally designed for our Shadow Crossover Grip:

  • Apex texture – minimally abrasive, Apex was designed for those who like hockey tape wraps or similarly smooth but still tactile finishes
  • Atom (dot) texture – more bite, more traction, perfect for gloved hands or more demanding conditions (humidity, sweat, mud, etc.)

Internal improvements include an updated mounting interface for broader platform compatibility and reinforced walls to increase rigidity and durability through impact, with consideration of the new profile and accompanying likely impact points.

Through all of these changes, the weight is closer to our standard grips, sitting at 2.05 oz with hardware (less than 10% increase in weight over the first generation).


The Utility Compact Grip Gen 2 (ULCG Gen 2) feeatures unique internal geometry brings surprising strength and rigidity to the ULCG with a minimal amount of material usage. Made in the USA: Additively Manufactured by MKMachining on their MJF 5200, from PA11 material. Each unit includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Apex, Atom


Black, Grey, FDE, ODG


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