Precision Vertical Crossover Grip LH


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Precision Vertical Crossover Grip

The Precision Vertical Crossover Grip (VCG) , developed in conjunction with Driven Arms Co, provides users an ideal ergonomic feature set for a variety of applications. The Precision model features a the thumb rest and finger-placer which distinguishes it from the RECCE model


The Precision Vertical Crossover Grip feature a near vertical, 5 degree front strap with tapered lower ledge, as well as an optimized rear profile, providing maximum wrist comfort and leverage in a variety of shooting positions. Proprietary anti-slip textures help to further lock your hand in place while also providing channels for sweat and debris to vent or escape. Overall width is also increased from standard AR compatible offerings via palm swell sections, contributing more surface area for improved purchase and general comfort. For comparison, the width of the VCG sits at ~1.45” whereas the popular Magpul K2+ is 1.2”


Beyond the external features, the VCG also features a unique interior geometry, bringing strength and rigidity to the larger profile, without the usual increase in weight that would accompany it. Sans hardware, the  Precision model weighs just  2.05 oz.


Proudly made in the USA: Additively Manufactured in house on our MJF 5210, each unit includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Grey, FDE, ODG


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