Shadow Crossover Grip (SCG)

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Shadow Crossover Grip (SCG)

The SCG (Shadow Crossover Grip) takes what we’ve learned from years of user feedback and adapts the ergonomics package of our CZ Adapter with palm swells into a single piece polymer design. The contouring and profile of the SCG can be seen as an answer to the many requests for a ULCG+ or VCG-M, but as our testing has shown, it truly is a completely different feeling altogether, one which time is showing to be love inducing. Some highlights of the SCG include:

  • Low weight – ~2.3 oz with hardware
  • 16 degree grip angle for balanced ergonomics, leverage during manipulations, and long term operating comfort
  • ~1.445 inch maximum width with a tapered profile and flared lower ledge for improved hand placement, support, leverage, and control in all positions (final dimensions to be announced after production model is finalized)
  • Two texture variations for varying applications
  • Apex texture – minimally abrasive, Apex was designed for those who like hockey tape wraps or similarly smooth but still tactile finishes
  • Atom (dot) texture – more bite, more traction, perfect for gloved hands or more demanding conditions (humidity, sweat, mud, etc.) *DAC Team Favorite*
  • Optional storage capabilities via add-on floorplate


Proudly made in the USA: Additively Manufactured in house on our MJF 5210, each unit includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Grey, FDE, ODG


Apex, Atom

1 review for Shadow Crossover Grip (SCG)

  1. Stephen A (verified owner)

    Phenomenal grip. Feels amazing and looks the same. Don’t let others shy you away from this grip saying it’s for people with bigger hands. I have medium to small hands and this grip fits perfectly. Have been trying out so many different variations of grips and have finally found what I was looking for.

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