Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG)

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Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG)

The Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG), designed in conjunction with Driven Arms Co, provides users an ergonomic and “low-drag” profile at a vastly lower weight than comparable products. Weighing just over *30 grams sans hardware, the ULCG features a shallow grip angle of 10.4° for greater comfort and control, particularly with shorter rifle & pistol setups. This is especially useful for those utilizing a compact “CQB” style stance. Greater comfort and control leads to improved accuracy.

Unique internal geometry brings surprising strength and rigidity to the ULCG with a minimal amount of material usage. Grips feel surprisingly stiff at this weight and do not flex when squeezed.

Additively Manufactured on our MJF 5200 from PA11 material. PA11 allows for additional elongation to help avoid damage from impacts. Includes mounting hardware. Available in several different colors: Black, Grey, OD Green (Coming Soon!), and FDE (Coming Soon!).

Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG) Features

  • Extremely Low Weight
    • Weighs just over *30 grams without hardware
  • Shallow Grip Angle
    • 10.4° for greater comfort and control
  • Unique Internal Geometry
    • Adds Strength and Rigidity.
  • PA 11 Material
    • Allows for increased strength and durability.
  • Affordable Price
    • More Affordable than comparable polymer and metal options



Looking for light weight with utility? Check out our Ultra Light Utility Models. Features all the same great features of our Ultra Light Model, but the additional utility of having a removable floor plate for additional storage options.  Weighs just 45 grams without hardware.


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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in

Black, Grey, FDE, ODG

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  1. James

    For the American market, thats almost 1.1 oz!

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