RCBS Chargemaster/Hornady Auto Charge Antistatic Inserts

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Standard Overserts fit a drop tube of .389″-.400″

RCBS Chargemaster/Hornady Auto Charge Antistatic Inserts

New “Gen 2 Design”.  “Oversert” rather than insert improves charge speed, while still increasing throw accuracy!

Standard Overserts fit a drop tube of .389″-.400″

The MK Machining RCBS Chargemaster/Hornady Auto Charge Antistatic Inserts are a simple way to improve the accuracy of your Chargemaster or Hornady Auto Charge.  The stock powder dispensing tube on the Chargemaster can be inaccurate which can lead to overcharges.  The RCBS Chargemaster Antistatic Insert is made via additive manufacturing from a our MJF 5200 machine with PA11 material for an exceptional surface finish and durable part.  Our improved straw is a press fit onto the stock powder tube, so there is no worry about it removing after repeated use. Our Improved Chargemaster Inserts include several different sizes to ensure that correct fit while accounting for slight variation in the stock powder tube size.  Our improved insert is designed to work perfectly with our improved antistatic chargemaster pan, which can be found here. We are confident you’ll be very impressed by the quality of these prints, they look nearly molded!  This improved straw with be a signicant upgrade to the stock Chargemaster and won’t break the bank and fit directly onto the platform of your Chargemaster.




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in

9 reviews for RCBS Chargemaster/Hornady Auto Charge Antistatic Inserts

  1. Chris Franks (verified owner)

    AWESOME product!! Works way better than the straw trick. It does dispense slower however, if you know how to change the flow rate I highly recommend doing that. This is what I have been looking for.

  2. Daniell Richardson (verified owner)

    Great product! I have way less over throws than before. Last time I loaded I only had 1 out of 100 charges. It is to be expected but this will slow down the speed some but it is well worth it. I’m using these on 2 different chargemaster lites that I use at the same time.

  3. James Peck (verified owner)

    Huge improvement but now quite as awesome as some others have had. I think it depends on the powder quite a bit, using 2400 for 300 BLK it works awesome, perfect throws on 50 cases. Using RL15 on .223 it would still overthrow about 1 in 10, but that is a big improvement because I used to set it .2 low and end up on the dot most throws and have to trickle some extra to bring it up about 20% of the time.

  4. Art (verified owner)

    On occasions, my RCBS Chargemaster would over-throw a powder charge. After installing the appropriate insert, the powder throw accuracy increased to 98% – 99%. I primarily load 223s/ 5.56s, 224 Valkyrie, and 6.5 Creedmoor.. The increase in accuracy is consistent with the different powders I use. I was so pleased with the insert that I picked up a second set.

  5. Shan (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this product I have 2 chargemasters and bought for each of them. I went from 1 and 10 over charges to 5 in 200 using both units! I only wish you would have come out with this product sooner thanks for awesome stuff!

  6. Ted Grose (verified owner)

    Works like a charm in the hornady measure and dispense. It constantly overcharged reloader 16 and retumbo. This insert has reduced overcharges to 1-2 per hundred.

  7. William Young (verified owner)

    The insert will not stay in place! I think that O/D is to small, the one that I receive are very loose fit it will rotate out in cup .

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi William,

      Your powder tube is out of spec. Please contact us and we can offer a custom option. You should have received 3 tubes at different scales that fit 99% of Chargemasters, but unfortunately the china-sourced threaded tube has some wide variances at the extremes.

      Tyler @ MKM

  8. blaine

    Not clear where this is to be installed. checked youtube for a video, no joy.
    Does this go inside the powder hopper, over the exposed end of the drop tube (over the scale). Or inside the drop tube (over the scale)

    • Tyler Kemp (verified owner)

      Hi Blaine, simply put this over the exposed end of the drop tube and one should be a nice light press fit!

      Tyler @ MKM

  9. Jerry Gossette (verified owner)

    So glad I got the oversert! From CFE BLK to IMR-4227 to H4831SC dead on dispense every time. No more mucking with or redo. Love it.

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