Tikka T1x .22lr +4 Extension

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Tikka T1x .22lr +4 Extension

Add four rounds of capacity to your Tikka T1x .22lr 10 round magazine with the MKM Tikka T1x .22lr +4 Extension.  Redesigned shape for increased strength and durability. Printed from  durable nylon 11 material on our state of the art HP Multi Jet Fusion machine. Easily installs in under a minute, simply remove baseplate and press on extension. Extremely lightweight, lifetime warranty, and made in the USA! Reuses stock spring and follower. Stock Spring may need to be stretched to accommodate additional rounds. If you do not want to stretch the stock spring you can install the included spacer to change the extension to a plus 2 rounds.


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in

7 reviews for Tikka T1x .22lr +4 Extension

  1. K Boller

    Closure design is bad. I shot in an NRL22 match yesteday and had both my mags fall a part during two different stages. Thankfully the squad let me re-shoot the stages otherwise the match would have been a total wash. Also relies on stretching the original tikka spring which seems too weak to begin with. I have a fix in mind but you guys definitely owe me something for that mess.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hello sir, can you send us some pictures of the inside of your extension to [email protected]?

      We scanned a magazine and did a slight redesign, no issues that we have heard of since then, and we’d like to confirm yours are the old design to get new out!

  2. John Hisey

    Did not work for me either, even the redesign. Never got a refund either. This product is not ready or the market IMO

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi John,

      We’ve got hundreds of these out there working great, I presume you’ve emailed [email protected] so we can get you hooked up? We have several OEM mags here to test fitment on and it is extremely difficult to get the extensions off once installed. If you’d like to send your magazine in we can scan it down to .001″ and see how it’s different than those in house.


      Tyler @ MKM

  3. Ken (verified owner)

    Mine Works.

  4. Nathan (verified owner)

    Magazine extension works as intended. Design matches original magazine pattern and compliments it well. Sturdy and great detail. My only complaint is that the recess meant for the snap fit is not deep enough for the snap fit to work as intended. Required some brute force to get the magazine extension to seat properly.

  5. Mathias (verified owner)

    Works Great !

  6. Jon (verified owner)

    I’ve used this magazine extension for 2 nrl22 matches now and close to 500 rounds of ammo. I have had no issues with it and like how it improves the ergonomics of the magazine for reloading. I do only run it as a 12 round capacity with the provided spacer and have not stretch the factory spring.

  7. jeffmatzka (verified owner)

    It works. Holds 14 okay, but not a fan of stretching the spring. Installed included spacer to make it a Plus-2, but it would only hold Plus-1. Even when the spacer was installed by its narrowest thickness. So, I dremeled off the bottom of the spacer and voila – it’s now Plus-2. That will work for me just fine, but I know there are customers for whom that would not work. All this to say it’s not necessarily “drop-in/plug-and-play”. Now if someone comes along with a Plus-4 spring, that’d be great!

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