The Infil W/ Leg Stopper


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The Infil W/ Leg Stopper

The Infil W/ Leg Stopper Tripod is the perfect choice for your next back woods or back country hunt. It features a quick deployment system with 3 leg sections, new racheting locking tabs for even faster deployment as well as a compact size for packing in.

Available Head Options:

55MM Dual Tension Arca 

55MM Dual Tension Area 419 Clamp 

44MM Dual Tension Arca

44MM Dual Tension Area 419 Clamp

Any Screw On Type Head


  • Back Woods Back Country Hunting
  • Range Shooting



  • Rubber Twist Locks new and improved rubber twist locks
  • Vented tubes for faster deployment with no airlock when deploying or collapsing the tripod
  • 1/4 turn twist locks for easier and smoother deployment of the tripod
  • Leg stopper design which stops the legs from crossing when collapsing the tripod
  • Inverted Spikes inside of the rubber feet so no more carrying spikes in your pack or pocket
  • Spring loaded angled adjustment tabs for a more positive lock when choosing the angle you wish to set the legs at
  • CNC Machined Parts for the strongest structural integrity and stability
  • Set screw in the V2 series head with non marring material to stop ballheads being able to loosen under recoil or use
  • 1/4 Inch Threaded inserts on leg collars to allow you to mount accessories to your tripod

Attachment loop on the bottom of the tripod to allow you to be able to weight your tripod down on windy environments



The Infil W/ Leg Stopper Specs


Weight  2lbs 1 oz
Leg Sections  4 / 3 Twist Locks
Main Tube Diamater  28MM Main Tube
Collapsed Height  14 Inches
Deployed Height  39.5 Inches
Leg Adjustment Tabs  Racheting Ears/Spring Loaded
Twist Locks  1/4 Turn Twist Locks
Intergrated Spikes In Feet  No
Head Options  Ballhead/ any 3/8 head
Whats Included  Tripod & Spiked Feet
Max Weight Rating  30lbs

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More About Two Vets

Our Story

In 2017 Dan and his prior business partner set out to become a one stop shooting shop for precision rifle shooters. The business started selling everything from stocks and chassis all the way to bags and steel targets. In 2019 as Dan started venturing deeper into the precision rifle shooting world and a tripod quickly became a tool of the trade. Dan and his partner had two different visions on where the company would go. At that time Dan being a veteran himself proceeded on with Two Vets Sporting Goods and had separated with his business partner. Dan being a veteran himself was passionate about keeping the name Two Vets Sporting Goods as an understanding we want veterans and first responders to not be afraid to ask for a discount and will happily pass it on for the appreciation of doing what then do.

In 2019 Dan set out to find a quality and cost affordable tripod he could use for his shooting and spotting needs. As he looked further into the market there were very limited options. At the time they were either cost affordable and not quality or high quality with a high price tag. At this time Dan started looking into alternate options which would be a higher quality product which didn’t break the bank packed with all the features shooters could use and need. After a few months of testing and trial and error the No Name was born. Since then we have continued to increase the quality and features that shooters need or want.

Weight 85 oz
Dimensions 45 × 6 × 6 in


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