MKM Adaptive Precision Grip Bundle

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MKM Adaptive Precision Grip  Bundle

MK Machining is pleased to offer our new “Adaptive Precision Grip” Bundle. Select your desired texture and color and then add as many discounted accessories as you want. All grip accessories are 50% off when purchasing a complete grip.  This grip was made with both bolt-gunners and gas-gunners in mind, combining a more comfortable vertical angle with a grip profile that is not nearly as bulky as a pure “precision” oriented options. 


Customize your Adaptive Precision Grip to your ergonomic preferences. Available in Smooth, Random, or Diamond textures and ships as a package of (6) palm swell panels. Small, Medium, and Large Swells for both left and right sides. With our modular design you can run a large swell on one side and none on the other, let your imagination run wild…or let your hand tell you what it wants. Maximum grip width with identical panels installed on each side listed below.

-small 1.44″ wide
-medium 1.58″ wide
-large 1.75″ wide

Vertical angle grips are growing in popularity for their ergonomic shape particularly in the prone position, and ease wrist strain in all positions.  This shape puts your trigger finger in a more optimal position and is more pleasant to use for extended periods of time behind your gun.  Many vertical grips are bulky and intended purely as a place to rest your hand, rather than actually control the firearm, we have created something in between, our “Adaptive Precision Grip”.
A grip chassis accepts different texture packs, and thumb rests (sold separately) if desired.  Texture panels are a simple snap fit and can be removed with a Flathead screwdriver.  Individual texture packs are available for $19.99.  In order of ascending texture aggressiveness there are Smooth, Random, Grooved, Plus, and Diamond textures available.  The Grooved pattern is unique in being aggressive in the vertical plane, but smooth in horizontal movement.  This helps lock your hand from sliding up/down, while allow side to side positioning.
Thumb rests are available which slide into a T-slot on the grip chassis.  These are sold separately and grip chassis is sent with a “blank”  filler plate which is held in place when bolted onto a firearm.
Proudly 3D Printed on our MJF 5200 machine from PA11, these are massively different from consumer grade printed parts.  Exceptional surface combined with a durable part makes this look and feel like an injection molded part…with the unique benefit of endless customization options at a reasonable price.
Our Vertical Crossover Grip should bolt onto any chassis or firearm that accepts standard “AR” style grips.  This is a flattop grip with no “beavertail”.  Mounting hardware (1/4-28x.75″ bolt & star lock washer) are included with each grip.  If your setup requires different mounting hardware, please plan accordingly.
Interested in adding a thumb rest to your grip? Checkout our basic thumb rest pack  here
Interested in trying out additional grip textures? Checkout our texture packs here
Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in


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