Merger LRF XL50


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Merger LRF XL50

The Merger LRF XL50 is a cutting-edge thermal imaging binocular from Pulsar that delivers an exceptional viewing experience. It features a new HD 1024×768 @ 12 µm thermal sensor with <40mK NETD of thermal sensitivity, providing high-definition images with rich detail for uncompromised trophy identification. With a variable magnification range of 2.5-20x, users can enjoy high image detail across the entire range and easily recognize objects even at significant distances, while the powerful objective lens and professional-grade sensor provide an extra-long detection range of over 2,500 yards in complete darkness. 

The Merger LRF XL50 boasts a classic binocular design, combining comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Its ergonomic design and strategically placed function buttons enable easy access to frequently used features with a single touch. The binocular’s optical design allows for comfortable viewing with both eyes, reducing eye strain and enhancing detection capabilities in low-contrast scenarios. It also includes a precise laser rangefinder with a measuring distance of more than 1000 yards, ensuring accurate target assessment. 

Durability is a key feature of the Merger LRF XL50, with a rugged magnesium alloy housing that protects the internal components from shocks, drops, and harsh environmental conditions. The binocular is equipped with a combined dual battery system, providing 8 hours of combined battery life on a chargeable external battery operating with an equally powerful internal power source. It also features a built-in photo and video recorder with ample internal memory, allowing users to capture and store hours of video and thousands of photos. Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices through the Stream Vision 2 mobile application enables wireless connectivity, real-time image transmission, remote control of device functions, and access to cloud storage for recorded media. 

The Merger LRF XL50 thermal imaging binocular offers an unmatched viewing experience with its HD thermal sensor, versatile magnification range, wide field of view, and exceptional detection capabilities, making it a reliable and powerful choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. 


  • Classic design. Compact size. 
  • Comfortable viewing experience 
  • Precise laser rangefinder with over 1000 yd range 
  • High definition thermal imaging with 1024×768 pixel @ < 40 mK NETD sensor 
  • Latest image processing algorithms 
  • Fast aperture F50/1.0 germanium lens 
  • Detection range up to 2,500 yards 
  • Two independent batteries. Up to 8 hours of continuous work 
  • 2.5-20x variable magnification 
  • Rugged magnesium alloy housing 
  • Built-in photo and video recorder 
  • Stream Vision 2. Wi-Fi integration with iOS & Android devices 
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.4/5 GHZ waveband support 
  • High-contrast HD AMOLED displays 
  • A selection of 8 color palettes 
  • IPX7 waterproof rated 
  • Wide range of operating temperature (-13.00 to +122°F) 

Merger LRF XL50 Specs


Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 in


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