MagnetoSpeed Sporter Chronograph


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MagnetoSpeed Sporter Chronograph

MagnetoSpeed’s barrel-mounted ballistic chronographs use patent-pending electromagnetic sensors that are designed to operate in the harsh environment at the muzzle of firearms. Our chronographs shrug off common environmental conditions that bedevil other products, such as too much/little sun, fluorescent lights, nearby shooters’ muzzle blasts, high winds or many other unpredictable variables. The MagnetoSpeed Sporter chronograph kit was designed to be used on barrels from .5″ up to an 1″ in diameter. It can also accommodate muzzle brakes, flash hiders, etc. up to 2.7 inches in length. Ideal for contoured rifle barrels (sporter barrels) and long-barreled revolvers. 



MagnetoSpeed Sporter features

  • Simple, one-button cycling display (shows recent shot velocity and statistics, plug in to turn on)
  • Battery : 9-Volt (included)
  • Easy access battery compartment, no need for screwdriver to swap batteries
  • Three sensitivity settings for fine-tuning
  • Integral, quick-attach strapping system; with metal buckle and triad thumb nut
  • Proven technology with updated sensor design
  • Integral 3.5 foot sensor cord

Kit includes:

  • Display Unit
  • Bayonet-style sensor (Bayo)
  • Thick and thin rubber V-block spacers
  • Heavy duty strap with thumb nut tightener
  • Ultra-compact storage container.

Magnetospeed Sporter Chronograph and mount avaliable here.

Magnetospeed V3 Rail Mount available here

Sporter Adapoter available here

Product Manual Available here

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 3 × 1.5 in


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