Life-Size Deer Vitals and Enhanced T-Post Mount Package (Base)


Determine your ethical hunting range with realistic practice! This anatomically correct deer vitals target gives you a true picture of where you need to place a shot during hunting season, and is a much more rewarding experience with feedback far beyond that of shooting paper.

Combine our popular T-Post Mount with a lifessize deer vitals target, measuring approximately 14″ diagonally. This target is an anatomically correct average set of whitetail vitals, with heart and lungs etched in. Target is made of 3/8″ thick waterjet cut AR500, for the most durable target possible from edge to edge.  Cutting via laser or plasma leaves a soft edge on the metal because of the extreme heat involved.

T-Post Mount slides on a standard post and holds your target at approximately a 15° angle to direct bullet splatter down. Spring-loaded design lets your target ring as audibly as possible.

Orders of up to 70lbs ship with a single flat rate price. ALWAYS keep in mind impact velocity and energy prevent target damage. Keep your impact energy around 2500 ft-lbs for 3/8″ thick AR500, and 2750fps or under to prevent pitting of the target. If shooting with pistols under 100 yards, we recommend shooting the side without etching to prevent the slim possibility of a ricochet.  We use only mill-certified AR500 for our targets!

Weight 20 oz


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