Life-Size Coyote Target

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Approximately 23×11″, this target is an anatomically correct coyote target “under the fluff” with vital zones etched in.  3/8″ thick waterjet cut AR500, for the most durable target possible from edge to edge. Cutting via laser or plasma leaves a soft edge on the metal because of the extreme heat involved. Two square holes for mounting via carriage bolts, and fits perfectly on our “Enhanced T-Post Mount”.  Orders of up to 70lbs ship with a single flat rate price. ALWAYS keep in mind impact velocity and energy prevent target damage. Keep your impact energy around 2500 ft-lbs for 3/8″ thick AR500, and 2750fps or under to prevent pitting of the target. If shooting with pistols under 100 yards, we recommend shooting the side without etching to prevent the slim possibility of a ricochet.  We use only mill-certified AR500 for our targets!

Weight 400 oz

1 review for Life-Size Coyote Target

  1. ADAM TURNBULL (verified owner)

    Ordered the coyote during a sale priced event.

    Looks great, very helpful that it has etched vital zones on it. Works well for predator hunting practice or any hunting rifle. If you can hit this with your deer rifle you are definitely good to go.

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