Gen II T-Post Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)

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Gen II T-Post Target Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)


MK Machining is offering an incredible value with our Gen II T-Post Target Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts) for just 99.99 Shipped!


New Redesigned Gen II T-Post Target Mount. Lightweight and simple to use, our Gen II T-Post Mount now features a wrench cutout for 1/2-13 bolts and a one-piece design. Hang targets via a single spring-loaded carriage bolt for enhanced audibility and target ring.  Our T-Post Target Mount clamps onto a standard T-post for a durable and extremely economical option on your range.  All hardware is certified Grade 8, including the carriage bolt.  Targets are hung at approximately a 15 degree angle to direct bullet splatter down, and held under spring tension for a more audible and forgiving impact compared to solid mounted targets. The new Gen II Mount allows all the features of our “Enhanced T-Post Mount” at a lower cost. Add the T-Post Mount Adapter for use with larger, multiple bolt targets. Hang a T-Post Protector off the mount for a long-lasting setup. A 4″ target will protect the front of the Gen II T-Post Mount.

Weight 85 oz

1 review for Gen II T-Post Mount Package (Includes 5 Mounts)

  1. Shooter (verified owner)

    Great product and super easy to set up. I bought the five pack with a five pack of 25% targets and have them set up between 135-400 yds and so far no problems. There’s only one thing for me that didn’t work just right but technically has nothing to do with the product itself and could only be better if there was a second option that didn’t angle the target as much as it does to deflect bullets down. That problem for me is my shooting course on my land is in the mountains and when I placed targets at downhill angles the small target almost completely disappears. It would be cool if there was a model with the 15 degree like they are now and one that maybe held the target perfectly vertical or even 15 degrees the other way. So definitely nothing that has to do with the quality of the hangers just a possible second option for high angle shots. Also like to note that every target I have bought from MK which I do have others have performed flawlessly with many hits and show absolutely no signs of impacts. 135yds is closest target mainly shooting with 6.5creedmoor, 223 And Valkyrie

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