Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5 Throw Lever

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Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5 Throw Lever

Upgrade your Ath optic with our Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5 Throw Lever, speeding up magnification changes and target engagements without breaking the bank. Throw levers are especially useful in a number of different scenarios including but not limited to precision shooting competitions and cold weather hunting.  Our standard polymer Throw Levers are printed using one of our industrial oriented 3D printers. . Our levers are proudly printed in the USA from a custom made durable Nylon 6 material, and feature a metal thread insert for increased strength when tightening. Easily installs in a minute or less. Nylon 6 does not have the tensile strength of aluminum, but is extremely durable and will flex and yield under hard impact rather than damaging or marking your optic. This feature can be useful in a number of situations including shooting competitions and hunting when a throw lever may snag. Our levers feature a lifetime warranty.


Fits Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5 Optics. 

Available in the following materials:

Black Nylon

FDE Glass Fiber Nylon

Carbon Fiber Nylon



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More Information About FDM Printing.

Fused deposition modeling (FDM), or called filament freeform fabrication, is a 3D printing process that uses a continuous filament of a thermoplastic material. Filament is fed from a large spool through a moving, heated printer extruder head, and is deposited on the growing work. The print head is moved under computer control to define the printed shape. Usually the head moves in two dimensions to deposit one horizontal plane, or layer, at a time; the work or the print head is then moved vertically by a small amount to begin a new layer.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in
Throw Lever Material

Black Nylon, FDE Glass Fiber Nylon, Carbon Fiber Nylon

1 review for Athlon Helos BTR 1-4.5 Throw Lever

  1. Jon (verified owner)

    Worst product image ever. This is a 3D printed throw lever. Every layer line is visible, and it’s just the worst looking thing I’ve seen. Honestly can’t believe I paid 20 dollars for this 3 cent piece of shit.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Jon!

      These are proudly printed, and advertised as such. Since you chose an FDM printed lever, you can certainly see layer lines, that’s part of the process.

      I can assure you these cost significantly more than 3 cents of plastic, we get our material extruded just for us (special Nylon 6,6 blend) and it is significantly more durable than typical prints.

      If you would like to forego seeing the layer lines, we would highly suggest our “Pro Series” model, made of $500,000 printers, rather than $5000 ones.

      Again thank you for your feedback and we are pleased that you got what you ordered. We’ll email this as well just so you don’t miss it.


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