Billet Rail Mounted Level

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Billet Rail Mounted Level

The MKM Billet Rail Mounted Level is a sleek, ultra low-profile design, designed for maximum usability and easy installation.  Low-profile design with just one bolt to tighten, fits under all but the lowest of optics setups with no removal of your scope necessary.  Sensitive level vial that isn’t so large and sensitive as to be obtrusive beyond the optic or distracting while focusing for a shot.

Level vial is located to sit just beyond windage and focus knobs, or can be placed on the bottom side of the scope tube if desired.  We like the Kahles 624i a lot and placed the vial where it is just visible with your non-dominant eye while behind the scope.  Level doesn’t stick out beyond windage/focus knobs and reduces snagging.

Open top lets in the maximum amount of light, while still offering substantial protection to the level vial. Milled from billet 6061 Aluminum with a Type III Hardcoat Anodization. Sized to fit picatinny rails.


Why do I need a Billet Rail Mounted Level?

Just a few degrees of cant will cause considerable shot dispersion at longer ranges! If the scope is canted by only 2½ degrees, the bullet will impact .05 mils for every 100 meters in the direction of the cant. This means with only a 2½ degree cant and shot of of 1000 meters would be an impact of .5 mils. A small change can make a big difference. The Rail mounted level is the perfect solution for your gas gun.


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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × .5 in

11 reviews for Billet Rail Mounted Level

  1. Terry Purcell (verified owner)

    Very well made!

  2. Federico F Paez JR (verified owner)

    This anti-cant level is so simple it is awesome. Stays in line of sight, can be mounted either side, does not stick out too far. And the price is just awesome! Put this on my Ruger RPR and looks like it was always on there. I like the scope mounted levels however some tend to block scope turrets. This is a simpler very effective option for me. If you set your scope level to begin with, this is a bolt on and go solution. I did verify level and it was spot on.

  3. Jeff Bennet (verified owner)

    Nice piece of equipment, very well made low profile and easy to install.

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    Nicely made and finished. The only issue I had was that the scope / rings / rail was a little too tight; the level is 0.250” where it passes under the scope; Turns out I had a couple thousandths less room. I milled 0.010” just above the rail area and it’s perfect. Maybe make it just a bit thinner?

  5. Patrick Harris (verified owner)

    Well made, perfect alignment for staying on target while verifying level. Light, machining is perfect. What’s not to love? I’m buying 2 more for other rifles I own………..

  6. J Scott Coile (verified owner)

    This is an excellent, easy to mount and easily viewed from rest level. Perfect machining. Easy to move from rifle to rifle. Well done.

  7. Dan (verified owner)

    Very well made and fits nicely on my field and target rifle, right below and in front the scope focusing wheel. Perfect!

  8. Jeff Nicolosi (verified owner)

    I ordered 3 of the rail mounted levels 2 for myself and gave one to a friend. They are very well made and nice to look at mounted on my Seekins Rifle. I mounted mine under a Nightforce NXS8- 4X32 with medium high rings. I mounted it forward of the side focus knob as any closer my eyes wouldn’t focus on it, the cost of getting a little older I guess. I would definitely recommend these to anyone and will be buying more in the future. Thanks for a great product.

  9. Mike Hines (verified owner)

    I like it! I bought this for a long distance rifle but then realizes I could also use it to make sure my scopes are level. I put the MKM on the rail and use a second level on the scope to match things up. Quick and easy! I store the MKM in the grip of my long distance gun, with the correct wrench, so it isn’t damaged in transport but is readily available.

  10. Andreas Walter (verified owner)

    After ordering a similar rail-mounted level from another manufacturer, I found that it was not actually level…
    Received the MKM piece a few days ago. Very well made and most importantly – it reads level regardless of orientation.
    Thank you for a quality product!

  11. Kevin (verified owner)

    Not sure if I got one that was machined wrong or what but on a standard pic rail this level looks horrible the adjustment screw and holder plate don’t line up and are beveled it came scratched on one corner if I could take pictures I would.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Kevin,

      If you can use the internet you can definitely take a picture! Please email pictures to [email protected]

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