35mm XLP Billet Scope Level


  • Minimal space taken on scope tube-only .300″
  • No optic removal needed for installation*
    *level requires less than .200″ of clearance between optic and rail for installation without removal
  •   Precise vial placement is visible, yet does not protrude beyond turrets
  • Sensitive, yet compact level vial, even in sub-zero temperatures
  •  Easy one-bolt design for quick setup

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35mm XLP Billet Scope Level

Our newest generation of scope levels, the new 35mm XLP Billet Scope Level is finally ready! After much thought on what we wanted to achieve with continual improvement over the popular ULP Levels, we wanted to develop the slimmest, easiest to install, and very sensitive scope level on the market-at a more than reasonable price. The new Xtreme Low-Profile Levels use the same level vial as our older ULP level, which is sensitive to less than a degree, and still very responsive in extreme cold.

The band of our XLP (Xtreme Low-Profile) Levels are only 0.300” wide. This is important as modern riflescope turret housings are getting bigger and beefier, with rings/mounts doing the same, meaning there is new even less scope tube space for accessories like these. The Vial head has windows on all four sides to let in the maximum amount of light for excellent visibility, even in low light scenarios, while simultaneously keeping the vial protected from impacts.

While we brag about using a smaller, sensitive level vial than other offerings, we made sure that you can see the vial with your non-dominant eye from the shooting position on practically every scope, without sticking out beyond smaller turrets. This prevents snagging in tighter scenarios, or while walking through the woods.

With the new hinged band, installation is easier than ever. We don’t enjoy zeroing and running a tall target test after each accessory install, so we used a hinge design, requiring less than 0.20” of clearance beneath your optic for installation without removal. The level can also be mounted “upside down” to be seen below the scope tube similar to a rail-mounted level if desired.

We took the extra step to laser etch the surface with a level indicator for a quicker reference than trying to center between the standard black lines. Our XLP levels are milled from 6061 Aluminum and assembled right here in the USA!

Why do I need a 35mm XLP Billet Scope Level?

Just a few degrees of Cant will cause considerable shot dispersion at longer ranges! If the scope is Canted by only 2½ degrees, the bullet will impact .05 mils for every 100 meters in the direction of the Cant. This means with only a 2½ degree Cant and shot of 1000 meters would be an impact of .5 mils. A small change can make a big difference and the MKM Xtreme Low-Profile Billet Scope Level is the perfect solution.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is a quote from Bryan Litz regarding Rifle Cant. Bryan Litz is the owner of Applied Ballistics and multiple time national and international competitive shooting champion.

As a general rule of thumb (for common cartridges) “a 1° Cant will produce five (5) inches of lateral displacement at 1000 yards. Thus, if you Cant your rifle just 8°, the POI would move 40″ from the center of the target, putting the shot off the edge of a 72″-wide target.” -Bryan Litz

source: https://www.accurateshooter.com/optics/canting-effect-on-point-of-impact/

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in


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