AICS SA Single Shot Sled

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Warranty: Lifetime

AICS SA Single Shot Sled

Easily use your rifle as a single shot with this AICS SA Single Shot sled. Simply locks in place like a standard magazine, and allows for smooth feeding of a single round. Particularly useful when testing new loads, rounds that are longer than mag length, or any situation where you don’t feel like loading a magazine. Our single shot sleds are printed using a HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 printer. This allows us to get the surface finish of a modeled part with the strength and durability of standard polymer levers. Our single shot sleds are proudly printed in the USA from durable Nylon 11 material, and feature a lifetime warranty.


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

5 reviews for AICS SA Single Shot Sled

  1. eljohn3 (verified owner)

    Decent product. Four stars because I tried it in two separate aics bottom metals from different manufacturers and it was unmanageably tight and wasn’t able to seat in either. Sanding the sides fixed the tightness but the rear-top edge (above the locking surface) had to be beveled in order to seat the product deep enough to engage the mag release. Overall, worth the price, but test fit them before heading to the range.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Sir,

      What bottom metal did you have issues with? We’ve got a Badger M5 in the shop, along with MPA and XLR chassis and they are snug (but not too tight) in these.

      Tyler @ MKM

  2. vin (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this and works great in my John Hancock rifle from PVA 6.5cm. also fits very snug I would def recommend this product.

  3. Marty (verified owner)

    Would not fit as delivered but a few minutes with a file to remove a couple of high spots and it fits nicely now in a custom 6.5CM. The pricing was good considering the small amount of work needed to get it to fit properly.

  4. Gerald W. Payne (verified owner)

    Love your product. I purchased (2) AC Single shot sleds for a Bergara B14, MPA and a Christensen MPR and they fit and work flawlessly. Tight fit with no movement. Highly recommend!

  5. Daniel C (verified owner)

    Works as intended in the two aics short action platforms I have. Allows me to easily glance and know what load I am using (single shot for over mag length COAL v mags for rounds that fit) which is one more double check of correct dope/drop data for what I’m shooting

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