Zero Compromise Turret Spacer


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Zero Compromise Turret Spacer

The MK Machining Zero Compromise Turret Spacer slides on under  the elevation dial on your ZCO optics to prevent accidentally pushing it down and preventing adjustment. This spacer is especially useful in competitions or any situation where rapid elevation adjustments are needed.


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More Information About MJF Printing.

Multi Jet Fusion uses an inkjet array to selectively apply fusing and detailing agents across a bed of nylon powder, which is then fused by heating elements into a solid layer. After each layer, powder is distributed on top of the bed and the process repeats until the part is complete. The method of printing allows for fine details and part geometries that are difficult to accomplish via other manufacturing processes. After each print job is completed parts are allowed to cool off to prevent warping. After parts have cooled, excess powered is removed via and automated blasting machine. After the excess powder is removed the parts receive in an initial polishing via an automated blasting machine. Next parts are dyed black with a custom made dye made for us by RIT. After parts have dried, they are polished one additional time to improve surface finish and color consistency. 

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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