SIDEWINDER 30 SF 8-32×56


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SIDEWINDER 30 SF 8-32x56

SIDEWINDER 30 SF 8-32×56 boasts a stunning 24 ultra-wide field of view with generous 4 inch (100mm) eye relief. This projects a high volume ‘eye-box’ image that passes through the scope, bringing you closer to the action than ever before. Improved sharpness and clarity provides incredible accuracy and unrivaled down range performance. 18 layer multiple lens coatings allow for the intense light transmission required from top optical devices. High grade, low dispersion crown glass is used throughout to create crisp first and second focal plane optical systems that have minimal field curvature and distortion.

SIDEWINDER 30 SF 8-32×56 Features

  • Resettable Locking Turrets With Witness Window
  • 30mm Mono-Tube Chassis
  • Side Focus
  • Illumination
  • Side Wheel – Index-Matched (Removable)
  • Ultra-Wide Angle 24° FOV
  • High Volume Eyebox
  • 100mm Eye Relief
  • Multi-LED High Intensity Reticle
  • High Grade, Low Dispersion Crown Glass
  • 18 Layer Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
  • Zoom Magnification Throw Lever (Removable)
  • Fast Focus Eyebell With Lock Ring

SIDEWINDER 30 SF 8-32×56 Specs













Eye relief:






Focus/Parallax – Fixed 9m – ∞


10yds – ∞


Field of View:


5.3-1.3m @100m


15.9-3.9ft @100yds


Exit Pupil:








30mm Mono-tube


Optical System










Red (6 Levels of Brightness –  Off Positions In-between)




20x Half Mil/SR Pro II


Elevation Increment


1⁄10 MRAD


Elevation Adjustment Range:




Windage Increment


1⁄10 MRAD


Windage Adjustment Range








Ocular Type


Locking Fast Focus


Lens Coating


Fully Multi-Coated – 18 Layers


Power Selector Style


Knurled Posi-Grip with Removable Zoom Lever


Focal Plane


Second Focal Plane (SFP)


Turret Caps




Turret Type


Exposed Zero Lock ‘n’ Stop Turrets


20x Half Mil Reticle

Accurate mil spacing on 20x magnification. With half mil spaced markings out beyond 5 mil in all directions, the 20x Half Mil is a versatile reticle that provides aim points no matter how extreme the conditions.

A series of crosses etched on the lower section of the reticle make for extra windage aimpoints and act to give an easy quick-glance method of counting which mil spacing you’re aiming with. Outer posts are segmented into half mil spacing and 0.2 mil spacings, so can be used for bracketing and rangefinding.


20x Half Mil Reticle

SR Pro II Reticle

Working with your bullet’s trajectory the SR Pro II reticle, exclusively from Hawke, is guaranteed to provide usable aim points whatever your caliber. The reticle features an illuminated central aim point, holdover aim points with windage bars and dots, hollow posts that don’t obstruct your view and range finding brackets.

The holdover aim points on the lower post of the reticle are designed with gaps increasing in size. This more closely represents the fall of a bullet’s trajectory; the further the bullet travels, the faster the bullet falls.

When on 8x magnification, the hollow bars at the edge of the reticle are divided into segments that each represent 3.6 inches at 100 yards (this is equal to 100mm at 100m, also known as 1 MRAD).


SR Pro II Reticle


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Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 6 in

20x Half Mil, SR Pro II


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