Vudoo Gun Works: 22LR Magazine +3/+5 Extension

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Vudoo Gun Works: 22LR Magazine +3/+5 Extension

Add three rounds ofr 5 rounds of capacity to your Vudoo Gun Works: 22LR Magazine with the MK Machining Vudoo Gun Works: 22LR Magazine +3/+5 Extension . Now includes a custom follower to replace the OEM unit, this will allow a 50% increase in magazine capacity. Due to the OEM “Thumb Assist” needing to be removed for extra rounds, we think replacing the follower is a no brainer to gain another two rounds!  Shape matches stock magazine aesthetics. Printed from our tough Nylon Material. Easily installs in under a minute, simply remove baseplate and slide on extension. Proudly printed on top notch machines from our custom Nylon. Extremely lightweight, lifetime warranty, and made in the USA! Reuses stock spring and follower, does NOT reuse the thumb loading tab, as this stops the follower at 10 rounds.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × .5 × .5 in

10 reviews for Vudoo Gun Works: 22LR Magazine +3/+5 Extension

  1. Heriberto A Cabrera (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the mag extension did not work as intended. If you don’t remove the pull tabs from the magazine you can only put a total of 11 rounds in the magazine. If you remove the pull tabs you can insert more than 11 rounds to the magazine, but, the spring is not strong enough to push all the rounds up (since it is less compressed than it is from stock) which then causes failures to feed (as the rounds can’t go all the way up). I ended up removing the mag extender since it doesn’t really work for more than 11 rounds and it makes my magazines unreliable.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Heriberto,

      We wonder if the springs have ever changed at all in these magazines. The extensions worked great for us in testing, and for several folks we sent them out to. However, you and another customer have both mentioned spring issues very recently, and these are the only problems we’ve seen in a few hundred sent out.

      Please send us some more info so we can figure out how to resolve the issue!

      Tyler @ MKM

  2. ryan bortner (verified owner)

    I had the same problem as Heriberto . I bought two extenders and one i left the pull down tab in and you can only put in 11 rounds and one I took out the tab and you can get 13 in but the spring get twisted in the body of the magazine and the follower has no tension on it, and it does not push the round up.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Ryan,

      Sorry you’re having issues. Would you be interested in sending in a mag so we can take a second look at this? Curious if something is a bit different from their earliest mags that we tested with.

      Tyler @ MKM

  3. Joseph Laskarin (verified owner)

    Bought two of the Vudoo extensions and they feed perfect. Used them at a NRL22X match and fired150 rounds through them with out a hiccup.

  4. Joseph Laskarin (verified owner)

    Joe Laskarin
    Bought two of the Vudoo extensions and they feed perfect. Used them at a NRL22X match and fired150 rounds through them with out a hiccup.

  5. Justin McBee (verified owner)

    Just received 2 of these today. I have not shot with them yet. It was a 3 min install/ swap. Loaded 13 rounds just as needed. They stay tight in the mag and seem to come out and feed just as needed. I will have a range report at a later date. The look is amazing & they fit well.

  6. Erik

    The pro:
    It’s awesome having 12 rounds. It really helped with some stages when it was working.

    The cons:
    The bottom does not lock into place. It tried to come off while in use. It has kinked the spring now.
    I contacted them and told I would hear back but after 2 weeks and 2 emails I haven’t heard anything.

    In the end i could possibly try permanently attaching it with super glue or something but after the issues during the match and the lack of any response I can’t recommend this. I love their levers and have bought a scope, magneto speed with arca adapter, and several other things which have all been great! I’m going to try some of the other vudoo mag extensions from other people. Bad timing though since I have a national NRLX match in 2 weeks.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Erik,

      I hope the updated design works well for you. After calling you it was determined you had the old model, and it should be resolved now! Thanks for being a customer.

  7. Jamie (verified owner)

    I had the same problem with failure to feed. Seems to work good for a few rounds and then the spring isn’t strong enough to keep the bullet angled up so it will feed out of the mag. I guess I’ll be going back to ten round mags unless someone offers a stiffer spring to put in.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Jamie,

      Could you send us some further pictures and perhaps videos of feeding to [email protected]?

      We tested in house and with customers up to +5 with the included replacement follower so I would like to determine if there is a new, weaker spring on some magazines, or where exactly the issue lies!

      Tyler @ MKM

  8. Dominic

    Awesome mag extensions and work flawlessly in my MPA

  9. Dominic Thompson

    These Vudoo magazine extensions are amazing. Simple design that works extremely well. I have two mag extensions and have used them on two different Vudoos and they’ve ran flawlessly.

  10. Brad (verified owner)

    The updated mag extension is awesome runs better with it on then just the vudoo 10 round mag without, must have something to do with the internals slide piece
    I had one crack they replaced it free had it in a few days!! Awesome customer service!!!

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