Burris Scope Caps


Below you will find scope cap sets for the following Burris scopes:

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Burris Scope Caps

MK Machining is excited to offer Burris Scope Caps. Our scope caps are made out of a Nylon 11 material using an HP MJF 5200 3D Printer. Nylon 11 is slightly flexible to fit over your scope objective without becoming brittle and is strong enough to handle wear and tear. Scope caps feature a custom made spring for full range opening and closing of the cap without unnecessary noise. Caps slip over the objective and are tightened down using a single bolt. Compatible with MK Machining ARDs


This Objective Cap has been tested to work with following  Burris scopes:

Burris XTR III 56mm


These scope caps will only fit the listed Burris scopes. If you are unsure of which one to order contact [email protected] for assistance.


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