K525i DLR

The Kahles K525i DLR combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. The DLR variant is optimized for the fast action nature of Dynamic Long Range competitions. It features extended field of view, easy to read clicks, extralong throw lever and parallax spinner.

The Kahles K525i DLR Features Superior handling and ergonomics thanks to the unique arrangement of operating elements

Due to the unique arrangement, all operating elements can easily and comfortably be operated with the intuitively preferred hand. Without having to reach over the riflescope or having to move out of the shooting position, all relevant information is always in the visual field. All riflescopes of the K-series have the parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret.

The patented central arrangement on top of the riflescope makes right and left-handed operation equally comfortable.

Ergonomically the windage is perfectly placed on the left side for right-handed shooters and on the right side for left-hand shooters.

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