Pro Series 30mm Turret Magnifier


Pro Series 30mm Turret Magnifier

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Warranty: Lifetime

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Weight 4 oz

1 review for Pro Series 30mm Turret Magnifier

  1. Steve Lowe (verified owner)

    This is just the ticket for 45 year and older eyes! If you have the real estate on your scope to mount this then do not hesitate. You will need to find the sweet spot for mounting yours to enable you to see through it while on the scope.

    The only issue I have is with the taller turrets on the Gen 1 Vortex PST scopes. The magnifier is not tall enough to work well with that scope. It works fine with the Gen 2’s as their turrets and shorter.

    Decent value for the money. I would like to see an aluminum version in the future.

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