34mm Turret Magnifier

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2 reviews for 34mm Turret Magnifier

  1. D Bear (verified owner)

    We shoot steel at ranges from 100 up to 800 yards. We do a lot of knob twisting in the process. I was having to having to come off the gun to clearly see the elevation setting on my XTR-II until I installed this neat gadget. Now I can maintain cheek weld and also see my elevation set. Good job,

  2. Perry Collins (verified owner)

    This is not working like I was anticipating and hoping. The magnification media is some type of flexible material with a lot of textured lines. I cannot get the magnification capability out of it due to my available space on my scope tube. It’s approximately 2 inches from the turret, which is not enough for this material.

    • Tyler Kemp

      Hi Perry,

      The magnification lens is a “fresnel lens” which uses those textured lines to magnify. As you mentioned, how far it is from the turret will impact the magnification. You should be getting about 2x zoom from 2″ away. We’ve made some that fit on the ocular eyepiece part of the scope for customers if you’d like it further from your turrets!

      Tyler @ MKM

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